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Securing the best talent

Attracting the best talent

In the current employment market the candidate holds a strong position with multiple opportunities to choose from on an ongoing basis. Market forces mean permanent salaries and contract rates are on the increase and you will have to fight to secure the best talent available. Here are some practical tips that may help.

Sell the opportunity

Be clear about the opportunity you are offering the successful candidate. A good place to start is to ask yourself why you joined the company, why you have stayed and why you prefer it to working for one of your competitors? These reasons may well appeal to a potential employee. Try to cover the following within the interview:

• Career progression
• Technology progression
• Company progression
• Scope of project
• Sell against their other opportunities
• Your company's unique selling point

Be Professional

What happens to a potential employee when they apply for a job within your organisation? A recent study showed that one in four job seekers say they have been badly treated at some stage during the recruitment process. How you treat candidates will have a major impact on their willingness to work for you and/or recommend your company, ultimately affecting the reputation of your brand.

Think of the impacts the following actions can have on the potential employee;

Being late for the interview
What would your perception be if they were ten minutes late for the interview? They are likely to feel the same about you, as an employer, if you keep them waiting in reception.

Not calling on time for a telephone interview
Candidates who are working often find it extremely difficult to take time to receive confidential calls. Starting a telephone interview on time is no less important than starting a face-to-face interview promptly.

Lengthy decision making process
Taking too long to give feedback or failing to be constructive can damage your reputation. Bad news travels fast and could harm your ability to attract good candidates in future.

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